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Jing Ying Martial Arts is a non-profit organization established in Edmonton, Alberta in 2008.  


Jing Ying translated means “Best of the Best”, and we remain committed to training our  athletes with this focus.

We are fortunate to have experienced instructors who are well respected within the Martial Arts Community.  Some have over 50 years of dedicated training in one or multiple forms of Martial Arts. One of our beliefs is that  instructors to exhibit discipline, loyalty, and respect so that these values may be passed on to our students and future leaders.

Jing Ying is committed to passing down our knowledge of Martial Arts to the next generation of students.  We teach:

  • Contemporary Martial Arts

  • Hung Gar

  • Wing Chun

  • Kickboxing and Lion Dance



SiGung Dale Lee began his training in 1967 under Sensei David Akutagawa at the Chito-Ryu Karate Dojo. When Sensei Akutagawa left the province in 1979, Dale was asked to inherit the dojo. Dale ran the Chito-Ryu dojo for 5 years before leaving. During this period, Dale realized how little martial arts expertise he had when compared to what the world had to offer. In an effort to increase his knowledge and interest, he began exploring different forms of Martial Arts.


In 1992 Shao Lin Siew Wu Kuan was opened in Edmonton with the collaboration of Sigung Steven Kho, Sigung Stan Lee, Sigung Jor Mak, and Sigung Dale Lee. Dale's time at Shao Lin enabled him to learn different forms of martial arts from different instructors and begin to cultivate his own unique style by combining it with Chito-Ryu Karate. This style would eventually become the Contemporary Martial Arts taught at Jing Ying today.


After Shao Lin closed down, Stan and Dale opened the Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu Martial Arts Association in 1994. Here Dale was able to refine and pass down the Contemporary Martial Arts style to his students.