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At Jing Ying Martial Arts, we teach a combination of traditional Muay Thai and boxing techniques along with an intense cardiovascular workout which makes this class the ultimate in conditioning and challenge. We focus on the different stand-up striking techniques and skills, as well as a heavy full-body workout.

Whether your desire is fitness, exploring martial art, or becoming a fighter, our program has the ability to help you achieve your goals.

NOW ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS - Children, Teenagers and Adults are welcome - to learn more about each class, please visit: Kickboxing Classes 

No previous experience required.


Our unique style of Contemporary Martial Arts incorporates Hung Kuen, Karate, and Kickboxing. In our classes, we teach basics, forms, weapons, and light-contact sparring. 


The Karate style we train is Chito-Ryu Style, originated from the heart of Okinawa, Japan. We combine it with Hung Kuen (洪拳), which is a southern Chinese Martial Art that’s been trained in China since the 17th century. The Hung Kuen style incorporates the Five Elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth; and the Five Animal, which includes the Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane. Hung Kuen emphasizes on deep and low stances, powerful punches, and correct breathing. 


Our classes are designed for children and teenagers.


Currently taking new students in all CMA Classes!

​View the different CMA Classes we offer: CMA Classes

No previous experience required.



Wing Chun Kung Fu is a southern style of Chinese Martial Arts. It is renowned for being simplistic, and effective while focusing on practical self-defence rather than flowery movements. By focusing on structure, relaxation, balance, attacking and defending the centre-line, it is designed to be favourable to any type of student, regardless of specific body type or age.

Wing Chun was made famous by Yip Man who in turn, had a very famous student, Bruce Lee. Jing Ying is extremely proud to have their Wing Chun lineage in a direct line back to Yip Man through 3 generations: Sigung Yip Man, Sigung Leung Sheung, Sifu Frankie Wong (current Wing Chun Instructor at Jing Ying).

NOW ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS - Children, Teenagers and Adults are welcome - to learn more about this program, please visit: Wing Chun Class

No previous experience required.


Lion Dance is a traditional dance that dates back to the Song Dynasty, and is an important part of the Chinese culture. In the past, Lion Dance performances were only seen during Chinese New Year celebrations. Today, Lion Dance performances are seen more often during Weddings, Business Grand Openings, Anniversaries, and many more. For Jing Ying, we perform for all sorts of events, and we would be able to adjust to suit your needs!


At Jing Ying Martial Arts, we teach Traditional FutSan Lion Dance with modern influence. In our style, we focus on Kung Fu Stances, and capturing the nature of the Lion.

NOW ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS - Please contact us directly to reserve your spot for this class!

If you're interested in booking a Lion Dance Performance from us, please CONTACT us! We perform for all events and celebrations!


Jing Ying has been voted TOP MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL in Edmonton in 2024 by Canadian Choice Awards & 2022 by Top Choice Awards! We pride ourselves on providing quality instructions at an affordable rate for our community.

Please contact us to book a free trial class today!

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