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LITTLE DRAGONS CLASS (4-6 years old)

Little Dragons Classes are offered for 4 - 6 years old. This is the perfect introductory Martial Arts Program for your little one as we focus on the following:

  • Fun & Engaging Warm Up activities

  • Work on body coordination

  • Develop learning & listening skills 

  • Punches and Kicks 

  • Introductory Forms

  • Introduction to Point Sparring

  • Introduction to Weapons (Nunchucks)

No previous experience required for this class.

KIDS CLASS (7-12 years old)

Kids classes are offered for those 7 – 12 years old. Our instructors work with young children to keep them on task and motivated to complete new drills and achieve their goals. Students in our kids class learn the discipline and grit required for success in all stages of life. Our kid students represent Jing Ying to compete in numerous competitions throughout the year!

Skills covered in this class:

  • Light Warm Ups

  • Punches and Kicks 

  • Introductory Forms

  • Touch Contact Point Sparring

  • Introduction to Weapons (Nunchucks)

No previous experience required for this class.


(13-17 years old)

This class is designed for Teenagers (13-17 years old) and Kids who are at the intermediate level. Our instructors ensure that student learn the basics of CMA before moving onto forms and sparring. Students in this class have the opportunity to train for a spot on our performance team! Students in this class attend tournaments annually and have always placed in the Top 3 spots in their age and belt division.

Skills covered in this class:

  • Warm Ups & Conditioning of the body

  • Basic and Intermediate Techniques

  • Basic and Intermediate Contemporary and Traditional Forms

  • Continuous and Touch Contact Point Sparring

  • Contemporary and Traditional Weapons

No previous experience required for this class if you're a TEENAGER (13-17 years old).

CHILDREN (4-12 years old) must go through our Little Dragons/ Kids Class before being able to join this class.


The advanced class is opened to students by special invitation only. This class places emphasis on physical fitness, the development of strong basics, a positive mindset, and develop leadership skills. Students in this class are on our Elite Performance and Competition Team. Many students in the advanced class represent Team Canada at local, provincial, national and international competitions, and always place top 3. 


Skills covered in this class:

  • Advanced Warm Ups

  • Basics

  • Advanced Forms

  • Sparring

  • Contemporary/Traditional Weapons

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